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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Peninsula Headache/Migraine Support Group

For 2010, I'm forming a support group for those of us who suffer from headache in all its myriad forms, e.g. migraine, chronic daily headache, cluster, carotidynia, etc. It's a safe space to come together, give and receive support; we'll be creating a community  where we identify with each other, without judgment. 
It's often isolating to live with an 'invisible illness,' and an aim of this group is to help you feel understood and empathized with. You can expect to be validated and have your experience be treated as legitimate, rather than minimized or belittled (as many of us have encountered). 
The group is free, and all are welcome, regardless of your treatment protocol: preventive medications, pain killers, alternative remedies, lifestyle management, or a combination of these. 
The format is free-flowing, and will vary each meeting, with no set agenda: we'll collaborate on what our needs are, depending on how we're feeling (physically and emotionally). You may attend once or be a "regular," you may choose to share your story and your Self, or feel free to simply sit quietly and absorb. 
I hope you'll join us!
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